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Our family believes that our customer's needs are of the utmost importance. Mason’s Roof Cleaning is committed to meeting those needs. We are seeing that a high percentage of our business is from referrals from our customers. That makes us feel great!

Your house is most likely your biggest investment and your roof is the most expensive to replace. It is extremely important to Mason’s Roof Cleaning and our family that you have the utmost confidence in your decision to have us clean your roof.


How do we do it?

The black streaks on your roof are Gloeocapsa Magma a.k.a. "Roof Algae" which is a living organism. Most people think that there roof is dirty, but its actually alive.

Roof Algae can spread from one infested roof to another via airborne spores.                                                                                                     

When treating your roof we only spray the roof, not your plants. We water down your landscaping before, during, and after cleaning your roof. We always bag the ends of your downspouts, collect all the run-off from the roof and disposing of it in an appropriate container on one of our trucks away from your landscaping. After the solution biodegrades and evaporates from the roof, the dried crystals and surfactant act as a roof treatment to keep the roof cleaner longer as it rains.

We use the exact same solution of Sodium Hypochlorite that water purification facilities use to purify drinking water. It is biodegradable in that it quickly breaks down into salt. Not only will it not hurt your roof when properly applied, but it is the recommended cleaning agent of the Asphalt Roof Manufacturers Association. Our roof cleaning services are safe and proven effective and best of all, the results are dramatic.

As the leading roof cleaning company we stand by our work until you are completely satisfied.
Our services come with a two year warranty. Do not replace a roof that only needs to be cleaned, Your perfectly good shingles will go to a landfill prematurely. Call the shingle cleaning experts at Mason’s Roof Cleaning for the best service and reputation.


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